5 Tips on productivity in the workplace

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The summer holiday season is coming to a close, and we are all having to face the reality that we will be back in the office. It’s hard to get back into the swing of things after some time off and this can greatly affect your workflow and productivity. But do not despair, we will give you some tips on time management and methods in which to keep your mind productive.

Update your work area

It’s been proven that a clean and tidy work environment leads to a productive mind. There are a number of ways in which you can change your cubicle/desk to help you stay focused. Most importantly, make sure you have the correct support. For example make sure your chair, desk and keyboard/mouse supports have been approved by your HR department. Following from this, make sure you have raised your monitor to eye level and you have enough leg room.

Keeping your desk area aesthetically pleasing is also something you may want to focus on. Something as simple as a small filing cabinet or a letter tray will keep your desk, and your mind, free of clutter. If you wanted to extent this to investing in soft lighting, plants or toys for your desk, this can also work too. However it’s important to make sure you don’t over do it or provide distractions.

Keep a diary/calendar

If you haven’t already, find a method of organisation that suits your personality as this is key to a successful work life. There are a number of methods you can use, and it’s best to try out each one to see what best works with your work style. This can include:

  • Using a timetabling app (IOS or Android)
  • Purchasing a calendar or using an electronic equivalent
  • Using a post-it note system
  • Keep a written log
  • Used a timed email system

The key focus of these methods is to insure you keep on top of your day to day tasks. In order to stay motivated and productive it’s imperative the organisation of your day is not one of your primary concerns. There are a lucky few who can keep timetables and schedules in their head, but if that’s not you, try one of the above methods.

Set motivational targets

You may work for an employer that already set targets for your workload, but it’s still important to set personal goals. If you come to work with a goal before you start, you will see a guaranteed increase in your stats as well as a greater sense of accomplishment in the work you have done.

The same logic can be applied to incentivising your personal targets. Perhaps the guilty pleasures you indulge in should be rationed for when you complete a task. Or if you have bigger tasks to complete, you should establish a legitimate prize.

You should also celebrate the little wins of the day, it’s easy to find elements of your day you do not enjoy when you are in a routine, but once a task is completed, simply acknowledging you completed the task will boost your moral.

Break your routine

A number of us end up working our lives into a routine, this is normally once we have successfully established a scheduling system that works for us. If you find you are in a routine, this can sometimes affect your work ethic and demotivate you. Maybe it’s time to shake things up a bit. By simply changing the order in which you perform your daily tasks you may change your outlook on said tasks, and possibly become inspired with a new work ethic.

It’s worth bearing in mind you may potentially have to sacrifice some of your established organisational methods to perform this step, but it’s guaranteed to mix things up and bring back that motivational spark!

Look after yourself

We have saved the most important till last. In order to keep a positive and productive attitude in the workplace, you first need to feel positive and productive. How you achieve this is completely down to what makes you happy, but there are a few key points that generally make you a more productive person and decrease stress.

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Exercise
  • Socialise regularly with friends and family
  • Eat and drink responsibly
  • Organise plenty of “you” time

Being organised and working on your scheduling methods will need to be a personal task, there is no fixed template which will work for you. However some of these ideas may help you get back into the working life.

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