Confidential Factoring

Retain confidentiality within the facility from your customers

Peak Cashflow is delighted to add a new specialised product to its invoice finance offering.

We have recently encountered a number of scenarios where  prospective clients are very keen to retain confidentiality within the facility from their customers, but don’t always have the back office support or systems in place to manage a full confidential invoice discounting (CID) facility.

In addition to this, the industry has historically only offered CID funding to companies which have been established for over 2 years and hold a net worth in excess of £50k. Although these guidelines have been relaxed over the last few years, the number of business’ that are able to gain CID is still limited.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

In 2018 the dated view relating to the ‘stigma’ of factoring has almost completely disappeared, however there are still circumstances where confidentiality is key. Therefore, we have been looking at how we provide a product which could combine confidentiality alongside the benefits of credit control and sales ledger administration for those companies who need this support.

Our competitors have, in the past, offered similar products which have had limited success due to internal credit controllers dealing with confidential and disclosed clients one after another, which has at times resulted in confidential debtors picking up on the fact they are dealing with a factoring company. Once the debtor is aware, it is then too late.

In order to prevent this ever occurring, Peak have teamed up with a very experienced small team of credit controllers who provide stand alone credit management to a host of ‘none factored clients’ already. They will conduct the credit control, and work had in hand with Peak so we can provide a truly confidential finance facility.

There can be no instances where the debtor accidentally finds out they are dealing with a factoring company, and also if the client no longer needs Peak, they can then continue with their back office support uninterrupted.

Fees will of course remain competitive and flexible, depending upon the amount of work needed to manage the sales ledger as no two ledgers are ever the same.

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