What's your biggest office pet peeve?

What’s your biggest office pet peeve?

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If you work in an office environment the chances are that you’ll have a number of office bugbears but what’s your biggest office pet peeve?

Even if you mostly enjoy their company, your co-workers will drive you insane from time to time, whether its little things like tapping their desk or massive things such as avoiding getting the teas in for everyone. This is shown in research carried out by the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA).

They found that one of the biggest pet peeves was complaining too quickly about workloads. Sound familiar? This is as well as 59% of the respondents believing that colleagues affected their productivity. Both sound reasonable to us, as it can’t create the best working environment. The research also highlighted the importance of having strong work relationships and had 30% of respondents say that they relied on their co-workers to help them in stressful situations at work.

With this being said, we have compiled a list of other pet peeves we have found:

The Messy One

Now we all know its none of our business what a colleagues desk is like, even it is a mess. However, one major pet peeve is when that mess makes its way into the kitchen, then it’s time to take action! No one wants to touch someone else’s grubby utensils and you could catch something if it’s left for too long.

If you’re are suffering because of these people, never wash their plates. Rather than isolate who you believe is the culprit, attempt to inform everyone in the office that plates and bowls must be cleaned before going home, that way there are no excuses for those who don’t.

The One who Lacks Lift Etiquette

This is one of those unspoken rules of life. Let other people off the lift before you get on, it makes using the lift more efficient as there are no accidental collisions. This rule is not just for lifts, but for any type of transport where you’re with strangers. Buses, trains and even planes, this unwritten rule is present with the exiting and entering of all these.

The One with Fish for Lunch

If you want to clear an office, don’t bother with the fire alarm or shouting, just stick some fish based dish into the microwave. It’s more effective than any system to date.

Most of us agree that fish can be a nice healthy option for lunch but it can create an unpleasant stench. Next time be more considerate of those in the office when packing lunch. There is a reason why it was listed as one of the factors to land you in hell in Netflix’s The Good Place.

The One on the Phone

Phone calls are present constantly in most workplaces, so we know its unavoidable. However if its non-work related then possibly take it in the hallway. If it’s work-related then just speak quieter or even use headphones to call as they are able to pick up more sound with the microphone being closer to your mouth.

The One who is Never Happy with the Temperature

It’s too hot or it’s too cold, this is a common workplace discussion. In winter there are heat lamps everywhere making you trip over the wires and in the summer the copious amount of fans blowing all the paperwork off your desk. Then there seems to be that person that is never happy. They are either too hot or too cold. So what can you do? Well, you can adapt to their needs but to the extent that your other staff do not suffer.

The One Always on a Smoke Break

Research has found that, on average, smokers spend more than an hour a day on cigarette breaks. Some are even smoking up to 20 cigarettes during work hours. Alternative non-smokers cannot stand in the corner of the office, chatting with each other for 10 minutes. However, this can be a divisive subject as it is highly addictive and can be horrible to quit. This makes it a hard one to argue about in the office.

We are sure that there are a number of office bugbears that may not be listed here. So feel free to share them with us on Twitter.