Top 5 Challenges for Small Businesses

Top 5 Challenges for Small Businesses

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There are many positives to having your own business or working for a small business. Such as being able to be your own boss, make your own decisions and carve out your own career and path in life. However, it also comes with a handful of challenges. We delve in to find out what these challenges are and how they can be overcome.


Within a small business or startup, it can be hard to grasp an understanding of certain concepts. As they would not have been imperative to your role beforehand. Your role in an SME may mean you have to gain an understanding of alien concepts. The topics can be anything from employment legislation to accounting.


When you work within a large corporation, your hours are controlled and are likely to be 9am to 5pm or thereabouts. However, when you work for yourself, time management skills are of a high importance. Otherwise, certain jobs may be left half done and a lack of focus may be shown to important tasks or may be rushed.


Another challenge that may face a startup or small business is having the ability to know which opportunities are the right ones to pursue.


It is necessary to sell the idea of your business to former colleagues and contacts. As these people are needed to develop and push the business forward.


As a small business owner, you may try and do everything yourself. Bad idea! This can lead to you crashing and burning. Delegate where you can.

Methods to make your business a success
  • having a proper business plan with the first three years mapped out
  • Finding a niche.
  • Valuable money can also be saved by working from home or renting an office.
  • One method that both small and big businesses use is LinkedIn. Its benefits are obvious and will make life easier when recruiting or looking for certain specialists.
As with any business, small business or startups will encounter challenges along the way. But stick to what you know, be brave and take calculated risks and anything is possible. As always, we are also available to help with any financial needs or queries you may have. Just contact us today!